Automation unsubscribed the creator automatically


Hi Guys.

I encountered with something very strange in SS automation process I created, and I couldn't find a response to what I have been experiencing.I created a simple automation workflow that does the following: once the value in one of the cells reaches a certain value a mail will be sent to my personal mail.

The short story: after the automation is triggered the automation I created unsubscribed me automatically and painted in red.

The long story:

Now, it is working, but every time after the automation is triggered and a mail has sent, I'm receiving an additional mail from SS group which notify me there is an issue with the automation. So I go to SS automation and see it unsubscribed me automatically and as a result it does not able to send me mail. And basically all the automation is painted in red which indicate on a problem. After I'm subscribing my self manually, the automation is coming back to work, but once it triggered again I will have to do it all over again. 



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