Formula - RGY by percentage

Good Morning

Hoping someone can assist:

Currently i have a formula that controls the RGY health column perfectly like below: (thank you to for previous assistance)

=IF([+/-]46 >= 0, "Green", IF(AND([+/-]46 < 0, [+/-]46 > -10), "Yellow", IF([+/-]46 <= -10, "Red", "")))

However i require the health to adjust accordingly to 'our business 10% rule' that changes daily according to the target e.g.

Sales Acc: Target is 18.3

Green is 18.3 or more

Yellow is 18.2 down to 16.5 (less 1.83_

Red is 16.4 or less.

The challenge is this needs to always be a percentage of the target column for example tomorrow :

Sales Acc: Target is 23(new target)

Thank you

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