Formula to Track Consultant Hours per Month


I have a sheet used to enter consultant time and I'm trying to develop a metric to track the info. I''m struggling with a formula that will add the hours for a specific individual per month. Here is a snippet of the sheet:

My metric looks like the snippet below:

My formula is not working: =SUMIFS({Staffing Calendar Range 3}, {Staffing Calendar Range 8}, =Bill M}, =Primary1)

I have this formula references two different ranges - Range 3 is the Hour column on the sheet, and Range 8 is the Assigned column. The Month column on the sheet picks up the Date in the far left column of the sheet.. I've tried adding another range for the Month, but I think what I need is to tell Range 3 what to add - for instance =hours@row whatever. Nothing I've tried works. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you!


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