Move Rows-Auto Field Error


I have 3 different projects I am recreating in Smartsheet. They are surveys that we send out and track scores. Since the process already existed I needed to create two sheets. Both sheets have exactly the same columns (I just copied the first one). The difference is that the first sheet has an Auto Created By and Auto Created Date columns. Whereas, the Archive sheet is all Text only columns. The reason I need them to be Text Only is because I have historical data that needs to go into the Archive sheet and I can't force values in Auto fields. I then wanted to setup a workflow in the main current sheet to move the rows to Archive when the status is Archive. It will not let me do this because it says I can't have the same name as a system column.

Does anyone know how to get around this?

Also, I do need the column names to end up with the exact same name because I will ultimately link both the current and archive sheets to Tableau.


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