Summary Sheet Formula to only count rows that have 2 different columns populated- I FIGURED IT OUT.

edited 04/10/20 in Formulas and Functions


I am trying to do counts of rows that have both something filled in a column called Program and "social media" filled in a column called Category.

My current formula is counting rows if either column has a value. I need it to count only if both columns meet the criteria. I am sure it's something silly with using "Or" but I can't figure it out.

=COUNTIFS(CATEGORY:CATEGORY, CONTAINS("Social Media", @cell), PROGRAM:PROGRAM, OR(CONTAINS("Brand", @cell), CONTAINS("culture", @cell), CONTAINS("Demand", @cell), CONTAINS("Innovation", @cell), CONTAINS("M&A", @cell), CONTAINS("Recognition", @cell), CONTAINS("strategic", @cell), CONTAINS("thought", @cell)))

Thanks Smartsheet Community! Hope everyone is well


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