Jira connector with tracking Epic % complete by epic name

I'm trying to show the % complete for epics that are in progress but having trouble getting this to work. I have the Jira connector already setup, mapped to a summary sheet with formulas, and finally to an executive dashboard.

My ask is how can I pull in the epic name field from the source sheet connected to Jira, onto the summary sheet that I have to show % complete by epic name? Attached is the sample % complete metric I want to pull in by that epic name.

I'd be happy to get on a 5-10 min call to show the existing summary sheet and formulas to add this in as that will probably expedite the solution and be faster than typing it back and forth. Thank you


  • Hello,

    I'm not aware of any way you can easily pull this value into Smartsheet. The Jira Connector can only map to fields that are available in your Jira environment, and the percentage value you're looking to roll up only looks to exist in the Jira UI, not as an actual mappable field. I did a bit of searching and found someone logged a request to add the ability obtain this value through the Jira REST API. I'd suggest watching this to monitor any progress that's made on it (https://jira.atlassian.com/browse/JSWCLOUD-18704?error=login_required&error_description=Login+required&state=c91bf7ab-e29f-4590-b4d5-88b74b3e21f2).

    One idea that might at least provide a broad view of the percentage complete would be to use formulas to calculate the overall percentage complete based on the set status for your Jira issues. To do this you would need to assign a percentage value to a given status (i.e. Backlog = 0%, In Progress = 50%, Done = 100%), then calculate the average based on the resulting percentages in another formula.

    Here's an example of what that might look like in practice:

    Child Rows with Percentage Assignment Formula based on Status

    Parent Rows with Average Formula based on Child Percentages

    You can of course get more granular with % value assignments if you have more statuses available to work from. Beyond that, you might see if any one in the Jira Community forums (https://community.atlassian.com/t5/Jira/ct-p/jira has come up with an idea for surfacing the Epic % complete values through a custom field in Jira.

    Hopefully that's helpful!

    Kind regards,

    Nathan L.