How do I create a dashboard to show orders shipped?

I would like to create a visual dashboard to show a graph of OTD, #/% Orders shipped/complete by customer, #/% orders shipped YTD by product, Orders open vs. shipped YTD, and orders shipped by month. I don't know why I am having a hard time with this and it seems a lot of the templates are to forecast future sales/orders and present sales ($) to date. I am pretty good at creating sheets and filtering data for reports. I am lost when it comes to gathering data and presenting on a dashboard.


  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi Jennifer,

    You're right in noting that this data would need to be gathered first, before it can be put on a dashboard. I would suggest creating a new sheet specifically for this purpose... either a Metrics sheet or a Rollup Data sheet you can use for any of these calculations to eventually have displayed on dashboard.

    Then you could use cross-sheet COUNTIFS formulas to calculate numbers based on criteria. If you're having trouble creating these formulas, the Community is a great place to ask for formula creation help, but we do need a bit more information. Could you post screen captures of an example sheet specifying the criteria you want to count?

    After your formulas are created and you've got your calculations, we have a "Preparing Dashboards" webinar that you may be interested in (see here), or, based on the account associated with your email address, you have the ability to book Pro Desk sessions (see here). These are 1 on 1 coaching sessions over a 30-minute screen share where you can discuss best practices or how to get from step A to step B.

    Let me know if you have any questions on this!