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Hello, I'm looking to list all resources in a column, based on the "child" rows. So, for instance, I have a parent row that shoes the "Project" and "Resources". Based on the child rows, I'd like to have the "Resources" field be a collection of all resources in those rows.

"*parent row says* The IT Department has had 5 projects, listed under this row are those 5 projects with resources listed in the "resource" column. The parent row is a collection of all the resources listed below.


  • Kyle Chipman
    Kyle Chipman Overachievers

    Two ways to do this:

    If you're simply looking to combine all children in the same column, you can use the =JOIN formula with CHILDREN() as follows:


    Using CHAR(10) as the delimiter is a neat trick, which lets you word wrap and stack the returned values. FYI, I've doubled up the formula in the blank row and the populated row for the sake of the screenshots.

    If you want to offload the Project values to another column, simply reference the column name in your new column.

    =JOIN(CHILDREN(Project@row), CHAR(10))

    Let me know if this is what you were looking to accomplish. Best of luck!

  • Is there a way to remove the duplicate values when it pulls the "Join" function?

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