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  • schillin
    schillin ✭✭✭

    Can anyone help with the actual zapier workflow since that appears to be the only option for updating the today formula? I have tried countless workflows, automations, etc to make this work.

    For those of you where a one hour delay of your data would be fine, you can do the following: Set up a report to pull the information you need. For example, our situation was a metric on a dashboard showing how many tasks were due today. So, I added a column with the number 1 next to every task on the calendar list. Then, set up a report to run tasks that were due today. Since metrics can't be linked to reports (major flaw in my opinion), then I created a pivot to run off that report. Next, I set up a sheet for a sumif the pivot said grand total, which provides an updated metric of how many to dos we have for the day without me ever touching it. Since we already have a set task list and we wouldn't really update it throughout the day, the metric doesn't need to change throughout the day, so this interaction is fine.

    However, I am working on another project where a one hour refresh to the pivot is not acceptable and the data needs to be live. I have already submitted tickets and have NO solutions for refreshing my data in my sheet.

    Can anyone help me with getting this data to refresh overnight with the today formula?


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