SUMIFS with a Specific Date Range


Would love someone's input on my sheet and formula here. I'm not able to get the data to pull in correctly. 

I want to be able to sum the [Total Cost] for each type of special project by month using the date range like you had explained. The formula would need to look at the [Special Project Type] column then sum [Total Cost] if within the specified date range [Created]. Your assistance is greatly appreciated. 

=SUMIFS([Proceeds amount]:[Proceeds amount], [Column 1]:[Column 1], <=DATE(2020, 12, 31), [Column 1]:[Column 1], >=DATE(2020, 1, 1))

=SUMIFS({type}, ="Pallet Tracking", {date}, <=DATE(2020, 3, 31), {date}, >DATE(2020, 3, 1), {total cost}) - Returns “Invalid Operation”

=SUMIFS({total charge}, {daterange}, <=DATE(2020, 4, 30), {date range}, >=DATE(2020, 4, 1)) - Returns “Invalid Reference”

=SUMIF({type}, ="Pallet Tracking", {total cost}) - Returns a sum of all revenue from pallet usage

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