Auto Date Population

Hello! I'm trying to have the "Date Resolved" column auto populate when the "Send Response to Requestor" is checked. This is the formula I'm using: =IF([SEND RESPONSE TO REQUSTOR] = "1", TODAY())

Here's a screen shot of my sheet:

Please help!

Thank you!



  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi Wendy,

    The issue with that formula is that it will update every day when you open the sheet anew, as TODAY will be a different date each day. At this time we don't have a timestamp function, please submit an Enhancement Request when you have a minute!

    You could input a Date Modified system column in the sheet, although this will update the date if anything else changes in the row. Depending on what plan you're on, you could check the Activity Log to see when that column was changed, or on any plan you can right-click on the cell and check the Cell History.

    If none of these alternatives will work for you, you may want to look into using Zapier to connect Smartsheet with another application that can record timestamps for you.



  • Thank you for this information, but I don't know how to use Zapier. I just tried and I don't understand it and I don't have the time to experiment. I need to be able to run reports and provide metrics measuring response time and I need to make it easier for the team (as this is functionality that will be across 22 sheets/forms) to respond.

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