VLOOKUP - Trying to assign a task based on a product Line


I am very unfamiliar with working with funtions and VLOOKUPs. I have created a form that populates a sheet. I would like it to automatically assign the project that comes in based on the product line chosen. I created a separate sheet with the Names and the associated product lines. I have been trying to create the VLOOKUP but just keep getting #UNPARSEABLE back no matter what adjustments I make.

This is what I am typing: =VLOOKUP(IORT,{Table for reference - Marcom Range 2}:Robert, 2). I have added added spaces, I have put a 1 and a 2 after Robert but I can't figure it out.

However I also need it to pull based on the Product line answer that goes into the original sheet. WHich I think I am not doing properly.

This is a snippet of the sheet that the form populates into:

This is the table I am trying to pull from:

Does any of this make sense? Could anyone assist and/or direct me to where to learn more about the functions. The learning portal isn't clear enough for me.


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  • Sheryl Walder

    Genevieve - Thank you. I got the VLookup to work. I do have another question - the look up is done once a form is submitted. How can I get the formula to copy into all of the rows as they are submitted? When I try to drag/copy the formula on the sheet, the new data enters at the bottom past where I stopped copying. I thought I read the formula automatically copies when a row is added but that is not happening.


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