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Hello Community,

What's wrong with my syntax below:

=COUNTIF(OR([Column 1]:[Column 1], CONTAINS("A", @cell)), [Column 1]:[Column 1], CONTAINS("B", @cell))

If it's not obvious, want a count from Column 1 when "A", or "B" are present.

Error is "#INCORRECT ARGUMENT SET" if it helps.


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  • Jason Wirl

    @Jaye Tatone

    Got it! Thank you! I thought it might have been "COUNTIFS" but when looking at the Formula Example sheet, I read the example as the functionality, which made me think the evaluation range had to be in a row. That took me off of COUNTIFS. Also, wasn't sure if the OR was applied to the whole formula (i.e. after the "IF"), or to just the "A" and "B" arguments.

    Regardless, works perfectly. And without testing!


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