Maintaining Historical Data when Data is Updated Each Month


Hello! I've tried to solve for this a handful of ways and I don't like anything that I've come up with - I'm hopeful those of you that have more experience can help me out!


I have a set of recruiters who are using 3 different recruiting platforms: LinkedIn, Zap, Indeed. Each platform has 4 categories that we collect data on each month. We then average each of those 4 categories for each platform and give each recruiter a "Usage Rating (UR)" each month for each Platform. We want to be able to show each recruiter's current UR as well as the historical data via a chart/graph. I'd like to eventually build each user a Dashboard, as well as Dashboards for each manager/region, etc...the complicated part is not the Dashboard, but the data!


  1. Recruiters are dynamic - they will join/leave the team, thus I want to limit the number of sheets to update.
  2. We don't have the Data Uploader option, so data must be manually copy/pasted at the end of each month. (Data for previous month will be added the first week of each month).

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