Can you use 'contains' function within Report Builder...


We are pulling in a field with our JIRA Connector that has values separated by commas.

Example of Data the column labeled Product:

  • First row of data has: AK-HO
  • Second row of data has AK-HO, AL-HO, AL-DP
  • Third row of data has AK-HO, NY-HO, CA-HO

I need to report to tell me each each row that has AK-HO in it. However the 'What?" section of the report builder does not add the Contains function.

smartsheet says they are aware of this issue not being able to parse out the multi-select data that is imported from JIRA, and they are working on it, but no data on when it will be available or done. So, I'm trying to find a work around.

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