Conditional dropdown options

Is there a way to set up conditions for dropdown options in a sheet? For example, if I have someone filling out a form for a task list and they first select the task type, is there a way to only show certain options for the category based on the task type they select? If they select "instrumentation" for the task type in the form, is there a way to limit the options they can select for the category (e.g. only software, upgrade, or other)? I've attached images from the sheet I'm working on.


  • For anyone wondering, I figured out a workaround solution on the phone with customer support. I set up additional category columns for each task type with only the options I wanted available for each task type and used a join formula in the main category column to include all the sub-category columns. In the form I used the conditional logic to only show the desired category field when a certain task type is selected.

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