Need help with Harvey Ball roll up formula


I have a parent row with child rows. What I'm trying to do is have the parent row automatically change to update the status of the combined child rows when selections are present. I am using the Harvey Balls with the check mark (Yes - Green), exclamation point (Hold - Yellow) and x (No - Red) in them. I would like the red harvey ball to drive the status of the parent row whenever that selection is present. However, if there are no red selections present and there are only "Hold - Yellow" and "Yes - Green" selections, I would like the hold selection to drive the parent row. Finally if all of the rows have green selections then I would like the parent row to display that. I haven't found anything regarding this type of formula. I've tried several that have been suggested but nothing works. It may not be possible but I figured I would ask to see if anyone could provide some insight. Thanks!

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