Is it possible to hide a row based on checkbox status?


We have some scheduling sheets with a set of tasks (deliverables) for each project. Each task has a checkbox to tell the team whether that deliverable is required for that project. If the checkbox is empty, cells in the row are filled with N/A and conditional formatting is applied. So the checkbox has both a formula and conditional formatting attached to it.

But, sometimes it would be nice to just hide the rows so you see only what is important. Is there a formula/function that would do that for us? We don't want to delete the rows because as the project progresses, we might need to make the task required.

Here is a screenshot of a couple of projects with different tasks not required:

Any thoughts?

It may be that a filter is our best solution. I don't want to rely on reports because people need to update the sheet directly.

Thanks for any help!


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