Qualifying Date Range

I have a list of contracts and need to know:

Which are coming due in 30 days

in 60 days

in 90 days

But when I use <=TODAY(+30), it's returning everything over 30 days not just those 30 days out. How do I ask it to only give me those that are 30 days out and not count the ones that are 31+ days?

and then, how do I ask it to return those that are 31 - 60 days; 61 - 90 days?

My current formula is: =COUNTIFS(Completed:Completed, 0, [Completion Date]:[Completion Date], <=TODAY(+30))

I want it to check the completed column first and if there is no flag to check the Completion Date column and return any with the criteria that I've mentioned above.

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