Help for function to isolate last Modified By individual

edited 05/09/20 in Formulas and Functions


I have a table that has two columns with the auto-generated (last) Modified and (last) Modified By data. I have created a Summary Sheet field that spits out the most recent date of modification within the sheet. I am trying to do the same for the corresponding Modified By value, ultimately to have both of these pieces of information incorporated onto a Dashboard elsewhere.

What is the appropriate formula to return the value/username in the Modified By column that corresponds to the value generated by the =MAX(Modified:Modified) formula? In other words, how do I get the name of the individual (Modified By) who made the most recent edits (Modified Date)?

I'm trying an INDEX but it isn't working (pasting here what I've worked through so far, sorry for the errors): =INDEX(COLLECT((Modified By:Modified By), Modified:Modified, MAX(Modified:Modified)))

I appreciate any help.




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