IF Formula with 2 conditions and 2 sheet references


 Perhaps you can help me with the creation of the formula. I will paste what I have done so far but it is giving me an error.

=IF(VIN137 = {TOPSHEETS - Leasing Direct Range 1} {TOPSHEETS - Leasing Direct Range 3}>5/14/2020, {TOPSHEETS - Leasing Direct Range 2}"Star","")

I have a column (VIN) in a calendar sheet that will have numbers in a cell matching numbers in a cell from a different sheet (Range 1). If the numbers match and it is after the date of 5/14/2020, then the star column should place a star in the matching row. If there is no match after that date, then nothing should happen. 

Please advise how I can correct this formula.

Thank you very much!


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