Smartsheet live calculating tool (dashboard or form)

For work, when we hire people there are variable and fixed benefit rates based on the type of employee they are. I would like to develop a tool much like a smart form where the user inputs hours per week, wage rate, start and end date and type of employee, and the form displays the total cost of hiring that person.  I have grid sheets that do the background calculations. the only option I have is they submit a request a


  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi Jeremy,

    Are we missing a part of the question? It sounds like you have the start of the correct set-up: if the different employees submit the form you can build formulas to create the calculations you want. Then you can use those calculations to display in a dashboard or report depending on your set up.

    If you need help building the formulas for your calculations, it would be helpful to see a screen capture of your sheet in grid view (but please block out any sensitive data!)



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