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While I can get the formulas to work on their own I can never figure out how to pull them together in one string. This time, I think it might be close but it's returning an Invalid Data Type which makes no sense as I know that the column that the formula is in is RYGG which is what I'm asking it to return.

My use case is:

Check the Expired column first, if that’s checked then you don’t need to go on, return null

Check the Renewal Process column next, if that is checked then you don’t need to go on, return null

Then check the dates for the criteria on RYGG

I only want a return of RYGG if the contract is either not expired or the renewal process has not completed.

The formula that I'm using is: =IF([Renewal Process Complete]@row = 1, "", IF(AND(Expired@row = 1, ""), IF(AND([Expire Date]@row >= TODAY(+91), [Expire Date]@row < TODAY(+120)), "Gray")))

I don't understand why I'm getting an Invalid Data Type since the column is RYGG and each of these formulas work independently.

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