Best Practice for Organizing Workspaces/Folders Without Premium Add Ons

Sandra Guzman
Sandra Guzman ✭✭✭✭✭✭

Hello SS Community!

I am a new admin currently responsible for managing our portfolio of work. I am loving SS and have been busy developing templates that my team will soon be using. The reason I am submitting this today is to find out what the best way is to organize 500 active projects without the use of SS Premium Add Ons. In the future it's a possibility that I can explore (10kft or Control Center), but at this time I will have to make use of current functionality for creating workspaces and/or folders.

We have hundreds of projects that are currently in progress. As an admin I need to consider the visibility that my leadership will have to these projects as well.

At this time I have a couple of workspaces that have been created that houses our intake form, a source document and project dashboard. I was thinking that I could create a project plan workspace and add multiple folders that cover a range of letters to make searching for projects easier. So this is what I am thinking:

Project Plan Workspace

Folder A - E

Folder F- J

Folder K - O

Folder P - T

Folder U - Z

I need for data from my source document to autopopulate information in the project plan templates. I also need information from each project plan to autopopulate some information on my source document. I will have individual reports for each project plan that staff can use to monitor their projects. The source document will feed into the main project dashboard.

Ultimately I need to understand the best way to proceed in order to ensure that this is scalable and easy to manage. I am in the early phases and have just shared out my source document to the team. I have searched the site and didn't find much guidance so any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

SS Admin SG

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    This is very helpful! Thank you @Sandra Guzman and @Mike Wilday !

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