"Row Summary" Pop-up to add longer notes


I am looking for a solution similar to "Sheet Summary" but attributed to an individual row. It would be great to have a spot where I could enter a long, free flowing, list of notes about the account. It doesn't fit nicely in an individual cell. I've thought of inserting a link to a google doc or some outside resource, but would love to keep the solution inside Smartsheet if possible. The "Sheet Summary" is great, but I can't have the notes be attributed to all of the clients in the sheet. The comments section I would like to keep for actual conversations regarding the client.

And while I'm asking, if its possible to link this solution across sheets so that client 1 has the notes attributed it in multiple sheets that would be great.


  • Genevieve P.

    Hi Ross,

    The only way I can think of doing this right now is, as you mentioned, within a cell and having the text-wrapped. I understand that it could potentially make your rows far too wide, however if it was within the Grid of the sheet like this, you could use a formula to auto-populate the same notes based on the account across multiple sheets.

    As an alternative, the comments would actually be a good place for this. Could you potentially have the main row with the Client have the notes about the account, and then have Child Rows beneath the client for any other conversations?

    Please do submit an Enhancement Request using the form on the right so that our Product team can hear your ideas!



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  • Ross Novotny
    Ross Novotny ✭✭✭✭✭

    Thanks I made an enhancement request. I don't think the amount of notes for this client could live within a single cell or even the comments. It's updated frequently and referenced often. I am inserting a link to a google doc that is associated with each company as my workaround.

  • Karim Khan
    Karim Khan ✭✭✭

    I have the same issue. On Monday.com, there is an option in the file attachments for a row to create a native Monday Doc, kind of like a Word or OneNote document that pops up without leaving the interface. I would find this really helpful for task tracking. Comments are okay, but as the conversation grows, the notes you want to reference get pushed into the past, and it's weird to keep editing your comment when you want to update the notes. In-cell doesn't allow rich formatting and the cell is just too small. File attachments don't allow easy editing. Linking to an external OneNote can work, but it's distracting to go back and forth.

  • TCP
    TCP ✭✭

    I am wondering why SS has not addressed this. SS is in so many ways superior to Monday.com, but Monday.com has much more flexibility with adding extensive notes by way of supporting note document for each row. SS, do you have a good answer for not adding this? SS is not usable for me without a solution to this issue.

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