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Enhance Reports to allow selection criteria that compares two fields within a row

Cindy Mooney
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2017 Posts

Hi There,


I would love to see the reports tool enhanced to allow me to show records where the Projected Closure date on a row is less than end date.  We link a field from a planning/revenue projection sheet that shows when the project will be billed with the actual end date of the project from within its project plan.  


If the project plan is being adjusted, we need to report when those adjustments start to effect our revenue recognition.  We also want to keep these dates on separate sheets so we can see and track variance trends.


Long and short I would like to see a criteria option that under When that allows me to pick {End Date} is greater than {Project Close Date}.  This would return only those rows from the sheet where that condition is True.  Right now in the criteria you cannot compare fields for selection critieria 


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