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I have a form that lets you select a "pick up date" but I wanted to see if based on the time of date they are filling out the form gray out some pick up date options. So for example if they are filling the form out at midnight on July 8th I don't want them to be able to select the pick up date as July 8th in the morning, since there is an approval process and we need more than a few hours to ok this request.

Is there anyway I could do that?

Thank you!


  • Sean Morgan
    Sean Morgan Employee
    edited 07/10/20

    Hello @Hammermill21 ,

    As of now, we do not have an integrated time feature that would support this. If possible, please can you raise an Enhancement Request using the quick links on the side of this page.

    I love this idea and can see multiple use case scenarios for this!

    I've thought of a possible solution that may replicate this concept.

    In your Sheet, you could create a Dropdown column with Time Ranges, and then add an extra date column named "Actual Checkout Date" . From here, you could then enter the following formula in the "Actual Checkout Date" column which will extract the date from the Form Date Field, and add an extra day.

    Please see my below example:

    This is the formula I used within the "Actual Checkout Date" Column. =IF([Curent Time]@row = "After 12pm", [Checkout Date]@row + 1, [Checkout Date]@row)

    As mentioned, the formula will identify if the "Current Time" is after 12pm, and add an additional day. If it's before 12pm, it will leave just extract the day without any addition of extra days.

    Here is also an example of what my Form looks like. Please note that I have remove the "Actual Checkout Date" Column to prevent confusion, and added Help Text to advise the submitted on the date change based on the "Current Time" selected:

    In addition to this, if you were going to send the submitted this information after they have made an entry in the Form, within the Advanced Options of an Alert, you can manually select what columns to show. If you were to use my above example, you could use the "Actual Checkout Date" column for accurate information sharing.

    Please let me know if you have any questions



  • Hi - I have a similar request except our scenario is - sending out this form for specific offices to select dates and times at a first come first serve basis.

    So say we are offering 5 dates Oct 25-29 with two time slots, 6pm est and 9pm est, how do we auto grayout/lock the dates/time once selected?

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