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Counting Checked Boxes

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I am trying to sum up the total number of boxes that are "checked" in a row. I would like to set it up so I have a cell in column 4 row 2 with the total number of checked boxes in that same row. Is that possible?


  • I believe this is the formula you are looking for. Just change where it reads "Insert_Column_Name_Here" to the actual name of your column with the check boxes.


    =COUNTIF([Insert_Column_Name_Here]:[Insert_Column_Name_Here], 1)

  • I have this setup on one of my sheets and it works as it should. Is the column property type you are referencing "Checkbox" and the column you are inserting the the formula is Text/Number?

  • J.Rapp
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    That would be correct. Do I need to change the properties? And as for my previous comment I made a mistake. I am only getting a return of "0" and there are multiple boxes checked.

  • Problem Solved! I don't know how this worked, but I basically just deleted and re-wrote the function. I originally had the same function you provided, and was only getting "0" as a return value. I didn't really do anything different the second time aside from clicking and dragging to highlight the appropriate range instead of manually typing them in. Im not entirely sure how or why anything changed, but for some reason in the "second_column_name" the brackets were removed and the function works now. I appreciate your help though. Hopefully, this helps someone else. 

  • Thanks for replying. I had previously tried that and it just returns "UNPARSABLE."

    EDIT: Sorry, I messed up my function with an additional parenthesis and didn't realize it at first. However, that was the reason for the "UNPARSABLE" response. When corrected I was still getting a return of "0."

  • J. Craig Williams
    J. Craig Williams ✭✭✭✭✭✭
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    The way I read the question, you are looking for a HORIZONTAL sum of check boxes in a row.

    The answer from Ryan appears to be VERTICAL.


    If HORIZONTAL, then the syntax should be





    you are looking for checkboxes between (and including) the columns [column1] and [column2] for the row number entered.


    A real example:

    =COUNTIF([Task]23:[Data Delivered]23,1)


    for all the columns between [Task] and [Data Delivered] and row 23.


    Note that if there is a number value of "1" in a column in the range, that is added to the count too.





  • Say i would like to count checkboxes in a row depending on the value of a cell in the same row.

    I have several guys on my team answering weekly questions (checkboxes) through a form. I would like to have these totaled cumulative and also within a specific time frame (all answer in the last week).



  • I would like to count checked boxes in non-sequential cells in the same row.

    This is my formula for row 1: =COUNTIF([Completed 1]1, [Completed 2]1, [Completed 3]1, 1)

    My error message is "incorrect argument set"



  • This formula ended up working for me.

    =COUNT([Column Name 1]1, [Column Name 2]1, [Column Name 3]1)


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