COUNTIF(S) date range

Neree Jackson
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I know I've seen several questions regarding counting within a date range, but I can't find something that covers this problem. I can get a COUNTIF to work with each half of this formula (Range, Criteria), but I can't get them to work together. I am trying to count several recurring instances of an event. They are filled into the sheet via a form, and I want to count all that occur in each month and record them in rows of deliverables (how many in each of May, June, July, etc)

=COUNTIFS(CHILDREN([Date Start]50), >=([Date Start]3), [CHILDREN([Date Start]50), <=([Date End]3)])

I get #Unparseable as my error message

=COUNTIF(CHILDREN([Date Start]50), >=([Date Start]3)) works perfectly & =COUNTIF(CHILDREN([Date Start]50), <=([Date End]3)) works perfectly.

Any ideas?

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