Countif - Multiple outcomes?



We run a design Dept sheet accessed by 5 sales reps who can select 1 Request Type from 10 set options that don't change (RT column) IE: Drawing OR Drawing and costs OR TSR OR Permit etc.. These I count easy enough rep x rep (countifs) with that data displayed on a dashboard. When a RT is assessed by the design team it is placed in to a Status (column drop down) which has 7 types that can change based on the progress of the task, IE: In progress - Not started - Revision - Pending etc.. again I count these per above.

I have been asked to show in a stacked bar chart on the dashboard counts against each RT and their status, issue is this can be different for the 1 RT type. IE: Drawing (RT) can have any 1 of the 7 status types, first day Drawing could be at In Progress, next day at revision.

Any suggestions on how to count.

Cheers Jason.



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