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Hi All,

I have noticed that there is no way of seeing if there are new comments, or any comments at all in dynamic view ( the main view display). In fact, come to think of it an "unread comment" marker against a row in normal sheets would also be helpful.

When setting up the dynamic view, " display comments" is an option, but in fact you can only see if comments are added in the details panel. Has anyone else experienced this?

Would be great to see which lines had comments.



  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @Lewis Waters,

    You're correct, the way to see if a row has comments in Dynamic View is to click on the row itself and have the details panel open up. Please submit an Enhancement Request to let our Product Team know you'd prefer to see this in the main view as well!

    In regards to an indicator of a new comment in a sheet, you could activate the Highlight Changes function from the formatting toolbar based on when you last viewed the sheet. This will highlight the comment cell on a row if a new comment has been added, along with other changes that have happened (see here for more information).



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