Count Cells Based upon Criteria – Between Two Dates


Here is my problem:

I have a sheet that has a status of resolved and I want to count the number of resolved issues based upon a specific date range.

I know it is a countifs statement but I'm having issues with the correct format

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  • Chris Rea

    can you screen shot your sheet and post it? will help determine what order I put the countifs in.

  • Frank H Smith

    Due to the nature of the information I can not share the sheet but I'll try and explain better.

    Here is what I currently have and it counts the number correctly:

    =COUNTIFS({Resolved (July 2020) Range 3}, @cell = $Label$1)

    What I need to add is this count but only if it falls between 2 dates from a different column. The column is the creation date and I only want to count if it was resolved between 2 dates.

    I hope that helps.

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