Issue tracker: Average Days to Resolve based on a time calculation on another range

I have an issue tracker sheet that includes SubmittedOn (Date) and ResolvedOn (Date) columns. I created a DaysToResolve column that counts the NETWORKDAYS (SubmittedOn, ResolvedOn). I am trying to build a dashboard that shows the Average DaysToResolve issues created this week, last week, etc. I have tried AVERAGEIF, SUMIF/COUNTIF, etc. Something like: =AVERAGEIF({DaysToComplete}, ({ResolvedOn}, @cell >= (today()-weekday(today())-6))). Everything I have tried results in #Unparseable or #Incorrect Argument. I have looked at dozens of other questions and answers and haven't found anything that would work for this situation. Sure wish I could just write my own query!

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