Format number as a % percentage on sheet summary?

Hi, it is possible to format a number as a % on a sheet summary? I'm simply referencing one cell in the sheet, but the number it returns is 0.5462, rather than 55%. The problem is that the decimal format then feeds through into a summary report.

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  • Doh! That's very helpful, thank you.

  • What about in the cell itself on the sheet where a formula is used to calculate the value in the cell? I'm linking mine to a dashboard by the row and need the number to show as a percentage on a chart widget. Or, if there is a way to have the chart widget use a set maximum value rather than ranging off of the linked values. Either would work for my use case. The issue is that if the customer looks at their dashboard when the only project in progress is showing 7 then the chart auto ranges to 8 and makes it look like the project is nearly done already when really it is only 7% complete.

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