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Pam Ferguson
Pam Ferguson Overachievers Alumni

Okay, I need the Smartsheet Community again.....I am having difficultly in figuring this out and thought that maybe you might be able to help me get over the “hurdle” with this one.

 I have several columns

Variance  $2.98

CTD_WD_0056 CALC (HELPER)]  -$2.98

 The problem is the extra decimal places, as I am bringing the data in from another system, I only care about 2 decimal places. These two columns are calculated columns and appear as such. I am having difficulty as the system is not seeing 0.00 as 0.00 (it could actually be 0.0013) on some of the numbers if you put back the decimal places.

Bottom Line: IF Variance is Positive, and Variance - CTD_WD_0056 CALC (HELPER) = 0.00, then check then box

  I have tried all different ways, and those extra digits in the following decimal place are catching me up on just two of them. I originally tried this formula:

Any suggestions or tips on how to get around that would be greatly appreciated!

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