SharePoint to Smartsheet Integration Using Power Automate

Let me start by acknowledging that I am a complete API/Power Automate novice. However, I am trying to create an automated method to trigger my Smartsheet workflow when my client posts a document to a SharePoint folder (serving as a central repository). After some preliminary research, it appears that Power Automate may be the leading option.Does anyone have experience with this scenario?

When i got into Power Automate, it appears I could create a flow triggering from the creation/modification of a document in a designated SharePoint folder. Then I could configure a connection with the destination end. When i did that, it asked for the Smartsheet sheet number to direct it to a specified sheet, as well as some other information. This is where I was way over my head expertise-wise. So I didn't get this to work, but it seems as though it should. I have a SharePoint resource that is willing to work with me, but I am looking for a little more direction. Can anyone help me out here?



  • Ben Goldblatt
    Ben Goldblatt Employee
    edited 06/04/21

    Hi @SteveReed@WK,

    I haven't worked with Power Automate integrations specifically but if it's asking for a sheet number, you should be able to find this in the sheet by selecting "Properties" under the File menu.

    If you're being asked for other Smartsheet-specific information pertaining to sheets, let me know and I'll be happy to assist further.

    I hope that helps!



  • Thanks for the reply Ben, but unfortunately that is the one thing that I do know about this whole scenario--how to find the sheet number. I can handle the Smartsheet application side, it is just everything outside the configurable world that I need help on!

    Thanks for trying anyway! I appreciate the effort.


  • No problem Steve. It can't hurt to also post your question in the Power Automate Community if you haven't done so already.