How do I set an alert to trigger when Task A's date exceeds Task B's date?

Task A (prep is scheduled to be complete): date dependent on previous rows, will change based those

Task B (prep is DUE to be complete): fixed date

I would like to create an alert that will trigger if Task A's date exceeds Task B's date, but I am having trouble selecting the right conditions. I would also be open to applying conditional formatting that would turn Task A red.

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  • Mathieu PERSICO
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    Hi Sarah,

    You can add a new column called "Warning" that will help you to trigger the alarm.

    Try this formula:

    =IF([Due Date]1 > [Due Date]2, "High", "-")

    Then set this condition:

    For your conditional formatting, you can set this:

    Hope this helps!

    Have a nice week-end,

    Mathieu | Workflow Consultant


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