After implementing API, I am getting an error message for a graph I had created.

I had created a graph and this worked just fine. A few weeks ago we had someone add in some automation to our smartsheet using API and since then I am seeing this error (#REF) below. I am not quite sure how to make the data pull from a column named REGION. I did notice that once our partner put in the automation using API that the numbers under our region Column now has a (') symbol next to some of the numbers making it look like this ('786) instead of this (786). I don't even know if this is related or not but I did notice this when these changes were made. I have attached the formula that I was using prior and that it is currently using to create the graph. The graph now populates but doesn't include the number of cases, only the region.

=COUNTIF(REGION:REGION, [Bar Graph: # of Cases by Region]1)

Thank you for your help in advance!


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