Multiple "IF"s in a Function?


I am trying to create a column which will say "YES", when another column, "Expiry Date", is expired (past today), and when a third column is " NOT GLP".

However, I want it to say "NO", when the third column "IS GLP", and the expiry date is expired by less than 1 year.

(If it is expired by more than a year, then it should say "YES", even though it is GLP).

I thought of this formula (and a lot of other variations), but I just cannot seem to make it work:

=IF(AND(TODAY() > [Expiration Date]1, GLP1 = "NO"), "YES", IF(AND(TODAY(365) > [Expiration Date]1, [GLP]1 = “YES”), "NO"))

Could someone please help me?

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