Sheet Summary field, max date, ignore blank cells

Hi, I have a sheet with active jobs, some are scheduled and some are not. I want the Sheet Summary field to show the furthest date listed, but some of the rows do not have a date in the selected date column, and I want to be able to select the entire column to pull from so I don't have to expand the selection every time because new rows are added regularly. Below is the formula I tried to use, but it produced an "invalid column value" error. How can I pull the max date from a column that is updated frequently and has new rows added frequently?

This is the formula I have in the field right now =MAX(COLLECT([Install Start]:[Install Start], [Accepted Status]:[Accepted Status], "Scheduled")). I tried to collect dates only in those rows where the Accepted Status column was Scheduled, because this would mean there is a date available to pull from the Install Start column.

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