IF OR IF Returning two different values based on cell input


I have one cell that can have multiple values. I need a formula to return one value if one set of criteria are met, another value if only one of those values is different. I know it's a syntax issue that I'm not quite understanding correctly.

I have the following formula working:

=IF(AND(Priority@row = "1 Urgent", [Update Required]@row = 1, [ECN/PCN Compliant]@row = 0), 1, "")

=IF(AND(Priority@row = "2 High", [Update Required]@row = 1, [ECN/PCN Compliant]@row = 0), 2, "")

Priority is a drop down, Update Required and ECN/PCN compliant are both checkboxes.

I would like them to both be in the same formula with it returning the value 1, 2 or BLANK.

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