Sumifs with multiple criteria and cross-sheet referencing

Good day,

I am struggling to get the formula for sumifs.

I have used both options below but it does not work.

SUMIFS({Description} = Description2_{Stock Request} > 0; [{Sub-warehouse}; "Brandon"])

SUMIFS({Description} = Description2; {Stock Request} > 0; {Sub-warehouse}; "Brandon")

I need the quantity to be summed if the Description in the sheet A corresponds with the Description in sheet B, the sub warehouse should be assigned to Brandon and it should then add up the totals for that specific product and give the total in sheet B where it currently says #unparseable

I am clearly missing something here. I have tried various versions of this formula.

Think it might be the late nights. 🤪



Michelle Basson

Smartsheet Overachiever Alumni!

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