Does anyone know why the COUNTIFS function used with a DATE range stops counting things done at 7PM?

Avery Rueckheim
edited 07/30/20 in Formulas and Functions

I am currently using this function:

=COUNTIFS({Closed}, <=DATE(2020, 4, 30), {Closed}, >=DATE(2020, 4, 1))

to calculate the number of projects closed every month. When I compare the number that is calculated to the number of rows in the sheet that it is referenced, it doesn't match because everything that was closed after 7PM is counted as the next day/month. Therefore, the one's that are closed after 7PM on April 30th, are then added to May's total.

Also fyi, in the sheet and field I'm referencing I'm using an auto-number system date field. (Not sure if this matters)

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