Multiple "OR" for single formula?

I have about 14 single choice options in a column that if chosen, lead to a specific Harvey ball status. I've used multiple "Or" entries, and I wonder what I'm leaving out, as it's coming back unparceable. Here's the formula:

=IF(OR([EVAL Stage]2 = "Not Started", [EVAL Stage]2 = "Containment", [EVAL Stage]2 = "Starting Over"), "Empty"), IF(OR( [EVAL Stage]2 = "1. EVAL requested", [EVAL Stage]2 = "2. EVAL reviewed", [EVAL Stage]2 = "3. EVAL accepted"), "Quarter"), IF(OR ([EVAL Stage]2 = "4. Test device ordered", [EVAL Stage]2 = "5. Lab Setup", [EVAL Stage]2 = "6. Testing"), "Half"), IF(OR([EVAL Stage]2 = "7. Seeking Technical Approval", [EVAL Stage]2 = "8. Approval Received", [EVAL Stage]2 = "9. Documentation"), "Three Quarter"), IF(OR([EVAL Stage]2 = "Complete", "Full"))

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