Count IF for fixed dates


I am trying to do a simple CountIF, where the 'if' is whether an Expiration Date field is between a certain range, for example for if Expiration Date in in = January 2020, I would want to count any expiries between 1/1/2020 and 1/31/ doesn't have to be relative, the expiration dates are 'fixed' in the sheet so they won't change or be updated/don't need to be relative to today etc.

Tried something as simple as =COUNTIF([Expiration Date]:[Expiration Date],>12/31/19) but can't get that to even work, is there a trick to this one?


  • Sean Morgan

    Hello @brian25736

    When counting between a Range, you want to input the Start and End of the Range within the COUNTIFS.

    Here is an Example of what the Formula may look like: =COUNTIFS([Expiration Date]:[Expiration Date], >=DATE(2020, 5, 1), [Expiration Date]:[Expiration Date], <=DATE(2020, 10, 1))

    Furthermore, here is an Example of this working within my Sheet:

    Let me know if you have any questions!



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