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Filters BY Statues

edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2017 Posts

Hi I was Trying to set up a sheet Filter to be filtered By Active Statues only


I was doing though Symbols  What is the best way ti filter A sheet with on Going vendors to see only Active vendors of that Period ?


  • Tony Coleman
    edited 01/24/17

    I found the filtering in smartsheets very flexible you can pretty much filter by anything.  For active vendors, checkbox would probably be the most straight forward if you have 2 options - active/inactive.   But if you want to have more options - like Acitve, On Hold, Suspended, Inactive - then a dropdown would be more descriptive.  Symbols can work just as well, but however is using the list needs to understand what each symbol means.


    Also you can save individual filters - for certain tasks.  Show the filter menu.   Saves you having to reapply the filter each time...

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