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Is there a formula I can use so that when I'm creating a budget burndown, that if I don't have the actual numbers yet, that it will use the forecast instead?

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  • MCorbin
    MCorbin Overachievers Alumni

    This would do it....

    =IF(ISBLANK([Actual Burndown]@row), [Forecast Burndown]@row, [Actual Burndown]@row)

    BUT..... Is the value in the Actual Burndown column a formula or manually entered?

    If it's manually entered, you could put the above formula in the blank cells, then just overwrite it with the manually entered value, when you have one.

    If there's already a formula in Actual Burndown (perhaps totaling data from another sheet?), I would change the above formula to look like this:

    =IF(originalformula<0, [Forecast Burndown]@row, originalformula)

  • I'm still stuck on this. I know it's got to be something so simple that I'm missing. But you can see that the blank rows are not calculating correctly.

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