I am attempting to use V-LookUp to pull live data from a different sheet. I used the reference another sheet function, but it says "Incorrect Argument Set." I am unsure how to pull these multiple consecutive columns into a new sheet without getting an error. I would use a report to get these live columns, but I need to be able to add additional columns.


  • Jeff Hoelzel

    =VLOOKUP([Column name]@row, {vLookup range on another sheet}, column number, false)

    There's a couple of tricks to using vLookup while referencing another sheet. One of the things I noticed is the formula puts the coma in the inside the the right brace so you have to make sure you move it to the outside the right brace. You also have to be careful changing lookup ranges if you are using multiple ranges.

    If you have an example, I'd be happy to take a look at it.

  • Hailee Cono

    Thank you for the assistance

    . I am attempting to pull these columns into a new sheet using the V-lookup, but I am having issues finding the correct formula that will allow the information to appear in the new sheet.

  • Jeff Hoelzel

    You'll need to list something to match, like Project #, on the sheet you want to create and add columns to . If you wanted to re-create your project list in your new sheet then,

    To return the project name: =VLOOKUP([Project #]@row, {Project List Range 4}, 2, false)

    To return the Final Image: =VLOOKUP([Project #]@row, {Project List Range 4}, 3, false)

    To return the Priority: =VLOOKUP([Project #]@row, {Project List Range 4}, 4, false)

    Make sure your range covers all the columns on the reference sheet you need to include.

  • Paul Newcome
    Paul Newcome ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Can you copy/paste the exact formula that is giving you the error directly from your sheet?

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