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In my project schedule, I have several columns including the following:

- progress (on track, at risk, behind schedule)

-functional area (dept1, dept2, dept3)

-status (complete, not started, in progress)

I'm trying to create a summary sheet  that tells me :

Overall % of on track, % of at risk, % of behind schedule


Dept2 % of on track, % of at risk, % of behind schedule

I'm trying to use CountIfs but it not working.


  • L_123
    L_123 ✭✭✭✭✭✭
    edited 08/20/20

    countifs(progress:progress, or(@cell = "at risk", @cell = "behind schedule"),status:status,not(@cell = "complete"),[functional area]:[function area], "dept1")/countif([functional area]:[functional area],"dept1")

    That should be able to get you started, You can mix and match in whichever way you want to get different results. the examples of different criteria are broken down below.

    or(@cell = "at risk", @cell = "behind schedule") -the value in the range is either "at risk" or "behind schedule"

    not(@cell = "complete") -the value in the range is not "complete"

    "dept1" -the value in the range is equal to dept1

  • Jennie Victoriano

    Let me try that.  Thanks

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