Contact Column VLOOKUP Not Generating Contact


Hello Smartsheet community,

I am having a small struggle with a contact column in one of my sheets. I have a formula:

=IFERROR(IF(FDO@row < TODAY(), VLOOKUP([Store Number]@row, {Setup and IT Completed Range 1}, 14, false), VLOOKUP(Location@row, {Setup and IT Dates Range 1}, 13, false)), "")

The column it is referencing for the VLOOKUP is a Contact Column type. The column the formula is in is also a contact list. I would like that if the date (FDO) is in the past, pull a contact from Setup and IT Completed Range 1 and if the date is in the future, pull a contact from Setup and IT Dates Range 1. Instead, however, it is pulling rich text and not the actual contact in our account. Any ideas why it may not be pulling the actual contacts? Thanks!

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  • Jennifer Whitlock
    Jennifer Whitlock ✭✭✭✭✭
    Answer ✓

    I feel so very silly. One of the columns had "Multiple contacts" enabled and that was breaking the formula. Always check your settings folks!

    (I can't delete the actual post, so, hopefully if anyone else ever runs into this issue they'll see my comment and check their column settings)


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